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At Kendis & Assoc. Co., L.P.A. we are familiar with the policies and procedures of the BWC, and will endeavor to assist you and your claim along as we have for thousands of other injured Ohioans.

If you have been injured while working on the job, no matter whose fault it was, you may be entitled to compensation. All employers in Ohio are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance.

When a work accident occurs, allow us to review your rights and remedies under the law with you promptly. Thousands of injured workers have in the past. We are proud of our reputation for hard work and for pursuing every remedy available under the law for our clients.

When an injury is caused by a violation of State safety rules, Kendis & Assoc. Co., L.P.A. may be able to obtain additional compensation for you. Under certain circumstances, an injured worker is entitled to make a claim directly against the employer for an intentional tort which is a situation where an employee has been injured and the injury was caused by something which the employer knew would cause the harm. An injured worker may be able to bring an intentional tort suit even if you have received workers' compensation.

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