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Due to illness, workplace injury or disease you may not be able to continue working. Your medical problems may entitle you to social security disability benefits thus payable before retirement age. Disability under Social Security means the inability to engage in substantial gainful employment. To obtain those special benefits one must fulfill certain requirements.

Under Social Security regulations, disabilities are not limited to physical health problems. They may be only psychological by nature, or a combination of both physical and psychological health problems.

Denied For Disability? - Call us.

If you cannot work, call us. We will talk about your case with you initially without a charge to answer your questions.

It is important that you seek help early due to complicated issues involving working time and medical issues. In some cases the delays can be time-consuming and a properly prepared claim can facilitate this process.

Social Security matters are handled on a contingency basis. Why not check with Kendis & Assoc. Co., L.P.A. and find out your rights.

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